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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Road Trip: Zingerman's Bakehouse

I'm not a native Michigander, but I did live in Ann Arbor for a good part of my teenage years. My parents are still there; proud Wisconsin Badger fans living "behind enemy lines" in Wolverine territory. Southeast Michigan has been through a lot the past few years, and it is great to see local businesses that are thriving despite the economic downturn. One great example is Zingerman's Deli - an Ann Arbor institution serving up delicious sandwiches piled high with your favorite deli meats and cheeses. The line is always out the door!

Fortunately for my parents, Zingerman's decided to expand its empire with a Bakehouse, coffee shop, cheese shop and ice cream store in an industrial park just down the street from their house. The Bakehouse is my favorite - I practically swoon at the site of their freshly baked breads, pastries, bagels, and brownies!

On my most recent visit to the Bakehouse this weekend, we got a special tour of the bakery. They were finishing up a batch of farm bread loaves which were quite drool-worthy for my carboholic family. My sister and I got up close to the oven to listen to the crackling of the dark, delicious crust!

I think my trip has inspired me to do some bread-baking in the near future.

Check out the jar of granola - maybe I will add cranberries to my recipe next time.

Be sure to visit Zingerman's if you ever find  yourself in Ann Arbor - it is certainly worth the trip!

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