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Welcome to The Reluctant Home Cook! My name is Alicia, and I started the blog in late 2011 to motivate myself to get back in the kitchen and start cooking and baking again. The years of sharing a cramped kitchen with multiple roommates, some evening grad courses, and working full-time had really taken the joy out of cooking. It seemed like a waste of precious time with take-out and pre-made food being readily available.

My husband, Nick, and I were married in January 2011. I can remember putting food in the pantry in our new kitchen practically giddy with the thought that I didn't have to coordinate with roommates about which shelves I could use! This was going to be great - I would be cooking up delicious meals in no time.

Then, reality set in. I was working full-time and going to grad school at night. Nick got a new job and started working longer hours. It was just too easy to waltz off the metro, grab take-out, and then spend what was left of the evening chowing down while watching the latest reality TV show craze.

Fortunately, I was able to make some changes in my life that freed up more of my time and energy (I promise that I'll blog on those changes in the future!). I sought inspiration to get back in the kitchen from some of my favorite food blogs and my growing collection of woefully under-used cookbooks. Nick (as you can imagine) has also been incredibly supportive and cheerfully cleans up my dishes after each new culinary adventure. Since starting the blog, I notice that we eat together at the dining room table more and usually turn off the TV, so we can catch up on each other's days.

I try to make healthful meals but will occasionally indulge in my favorite baked goods. Everything in moderation! I really appreciate that you are sharing this journey with me, and I hope that it will inspire you to get creative in  your own kitchen.

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